Certifying company documents – Certificate of Incorporation, Articles and Memorandum of Association etc
Notarising Certificate of Good Standing from Companies House, Cardiff
Preparing and witnessing Powers of Attorney to open bank accounts, register trade marks, set up branch offices, buying and selling property abroad etc
Preparing notarial certificates - Verifying the identity, capacity and will of the company and company officers
Affidavits for share certificates
Legalisation of documents and obtaining an Apostille
…and any other documents required abroad

Please bring the following with you.

Corporate clients are required to bring their personal identification.

We are also required to check that the company or organisation is in existence, as well as the company officers authority and capacity to represent the company.

Documents required may include
- Certificate of Incorporation
- Certificate of Good Standing
- Original Memorandum of Rssociation
- Original Articles of Rssociation
- Board Resolutions

All relevant documents INCLUDING an English translation of any document which is in a foreign language



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