Drafting and/or Witnessing - Power of Attorney, Affidavit, Declaration, Deed and other documents
Certification – copy documents, photos etc
Change of Name Declarations – preparation and notarisation
Marriage/Divorce – confirmation of single status/certification of marriage certificate/Divorce documents
Adoption – notarisation of documents
Education – certifying degrees and other educational certificates
Immigration/Emigration – Settlement, Working and Studying abroad documents
Sponsoring friends/relatives to the U.K. – Sponsorship Declarations
Wills and Probate – Power of Attorney to inherit property abroad/certification of death certificate
Property (Sale/Purchase) – Power of Attorney/Attesting execution of deeds
Passports – lost/damaged/renewal – Affidavits accompanying applications
Opening Bank accounts abroad - Letters of Authority/Introduction Letters
Authenticating evidence/facts for foreign courts in relation to marriage/child custody/land disputes/litigation etc.
Contracts – preparing and witnessing the signature of
…and other notarial services

Please bring the following with you.

- A current valid signed passport
- Photocard driving license
- A utilities bill as proof as your address OR
A recent bank statement (posted to your address)

All relevant documents INCLUDING an English translation of any document which is in a foreign language



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