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Declarations, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, Certifying Copies

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Services For Individuals

A number of individuals count on Sangeeta Tutt Notary Public for the Preparation and Signing of documents like:
• Affidavits
• Power of Attorney
• Declarations

Services For Companies

We provide a number of notary services for organisations and businesses. Notable amongst them are:
• Companies VAT Registration (Spain/Europe)
• Certifying Company Documents
• Company existence and Director ID verification.


Some countries require notarised documents to be legalised either by an "Apostille" or by consular legalisation.

What is a Notary?

A Notary is a qualified lawyer who holds an internationally recognised public office. Their signature and seal is accepted as evidence of his status in almost all countries. Notaries belong to the oldest legal profession in England and are appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and governed by the rules of the Court of Faculties. Where a Notary also practises as a solicitor, the rules require a notary practice to be independent and separate from a solicitor's practice.

The functions of a Notary differ to those of a solicitor. Whereas a solicitor is authorised to draft and execute documents for use in England and Wales, a Notary serves as a specialist to prepare and notarise documents for use abroad. It may be noted that even within the United Kingdom, a Notarial act or instrument has been accorded greater weight as authentic evidence (Civil Procedure Rule 32.20). Therefore, notarial services may also be considered for documents to be used in this country.

Notary Costs

How much do the services of a Notary cost?

The cost is calculated according to the time involved and the complexity of the document, as well as the nature of the Notarial act required. Documents in a foreign language may have to be properly translated into English by a qualified translator at an additional cost.

Before I can give an estimate of my fees, I shall require to see the documents and obtain details about the nature of the service required, e.g.

1. Which country is the document to go to?
2. What type of document is it? (Affidavit, Power of Attorney, Deed, Declaration, Sponsorship for visa purposes, Letter of Authority etc.)
3. How many documents are there?
4. How many people need to sign each document? 5. Is the document already prepared or does it need to be drafted?
6. Are the documents for individual use or for a company?
* Please email me with your documents and requirements for a fee quotation.
(Email: sangeeta.tutt@notarypublic-uk.com)

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We have 2 offices; in Birmingham and Walsall, as indicated in the maps below

Birmingham Office Address:

6 Hylton Street
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Mobile services are also available.

Walsall Office Address:

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Mobile services are also available.